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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modern Day Cinderella - Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

What is a woman's most beloved item in her closet? Her shoes, of course! I believe your wedding shoes should be just as fabulous! These days, there are no limits on wedding shoes as long as they are comfy and you can dance all night in them. Here are some of my favorites. I hope they inspire you.

One of my favorites for a bride on a budget. Aldo Makinson $79.99

For the couture bride that can splurge. Christian Louboutin Studio 120 $1895.00

Looking for something blue? Christian Louboutin Titi in Turquoise $895.00

You saw the high heeled version of this shoe in Sex in the City. Manolo Blahnik $945.00

A classic from J. Crew. Martina Peep Toes $235.00

What girl doesn't like pink sparkly shoes? Kate Spade Charm Glitter Bow Slingbacks $325.00

The Carrie Bradshaws. Manolo Blahnik Something Blue $945.00

Can't go wrong with Stuart Weitzman classic satin peep toes. Gigiritz $298.00.

Beautiful Stuart Weitzman Bow Slingbacks. Jumbo $325.00

Stuart Weitzman Strappy Sandals. Lightning $498.00

Last but not least, another perfect bride on a budget find! Unlisted sandal at Macys $49.99

Happy shoe shopping!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tips for Brides Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be the best and worst part of the process of planning your wedding. On average, a bride will try on 30 wedding gowns before finding her perfect dress. Here are some tips to make this process easier:

  • Start early! Start shopping at least six months out. If you have a special order, it could take four to six months to receive your dress. Don't forget to factor in time for alterations!
  • Make use of those bridal magazines. If you see a dress you like, rip the page out and keep a folder full of all your favorite dresses. When you go shopping these clippings will help the bridal consultant determine the style of dresses she should pull for you.
  • Find a dress flattering to your figure. Take a trusted friend who has your best interests at heart to the appointment. Don't be afraid to try on dresses of different shapes, that way you can see what style fits you best. 
  • Make sure you can walk, sit, bend, and most importantly, dance in your dress. The last thing you want to do is be in a dress that hinders your movement. Comfort and confidence are vital.
  • Set a budget. Dresses can range from $100 to $10,000 and more. Go into the bridal boutique with your budget in mind and stick to it. Do NOT try on a $15,000 designer dress when your budget is $2,500. 
  • Ask the store when they will be having a sample sale. You might be able to buy your dream dress at a lower price!
  • When you do purchase your dress, ask for an itemized receipt with every detail of the purchase (manufacturer's or designer's name, number, price, color and size). Confirm the date of the arrival of your dress.
  • Budget for alterations!! Make sure that pressing is included, you do NOT want a wrinkled dress!
I hope these tips help brides find their prefect dress!

Good luck!